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Monika R. Tenant
Vše na jedničku, děkuji
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06.06.2021 Prague
Francisco F. Tenant
UI sometimes is not friendly or intuitive (e.g. contract extension). Nice experience with all-online contract signing. High administrative costs.
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13.06.2021 Nazaré
Thomas S. Tenant
the selection of apartments
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13.06.2021 Berlin
Victoria K. Tenant
I like that beautiful places are available for much more affordable prices than Airbnb, but because hosts aren't verified on Flatio and there are barely any reviews, it makes me suspicious of the listings and hesitant to book.
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13.06.2021 Lisbon
Csaba K. Tenant
nekem ez egy új felület, nem ismertem, bízom benne, hogy jó lesz
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13.06.2021 Székesfehérvár
Francisco F. Tenant
All online and clear statements of the contracts.
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27.04.2021 Nazaré
Alessandro M. Tenant
The website works in a very intuitive and transparent way.
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07.01.2021 Warsaw
Mathilda O. Tenant
Seems very safe! And I like that there is no deposit :)
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13.01.2021 Budapest
Solar B. Tenant
A Flatio é de fácil acesso, bem detalhada e organizada transmitindo segurança.
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12.06.2021 São Vicente
Laila E. Tenant
A facilidade do site
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12.06.2021 Lisbon
Mária L. Tenant
Igényes, fiatalos tiszta lakás
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12.06.2021 Budapest
Tobias M. Tenant
Great properties at great prices!
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16.05.2021 São Vicente
Caio Augusto S. Tenant
Estou a conhecer.
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12.06.2021 Porto
Graziella M. Tenant
1. Website is nice 2. Paper work is made easy 3. The availability of flats is not quite accurate unfortunately, it is never 100% clear which apartments are available when 4. It would be nice to have a community of users who might be willing to share big flats - I am alone and I cannot afford most of places. If I could find a nomad buddy on your website directly, it would be great.
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11.06.2021 Funchal
Natálie K. Tenant
Flatio jsem objevila úplně náhodou, doufám, že bude v budoucnu více destinací
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11.06.2021 Funchal
Angelica B. Tenant
O bom gosto dos imóveis e suas localizações
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11.06.2021 Lisbon
Petra A. Tenant
Rychle jednání.
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11.06.2021 Prague
Anette W. Tenant
Az hogy rövid távra is lehet foglalni, nemcsak 1 éves szerződéssel.
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11.06.2021 Budapest
Nelson J. Tenant
Layout e oportunidades
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23.04.2021 Lisbon
Clement B. Tenant is bullshit, you are great.
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11.06.2021 Oeiras
Martin Č. Tenant
Líbí se mi rychlost komunikace a jednoduchost a přehlednost stránek a nabídek, uvítal bych více pronájmů v Česku :-)
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03.05.2021 Brno
Ana Sofia E. Tenant
A facilidade de alugar um apartamento
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10.03.2021 Paço de Arcos
Nuno d. Landlord
You should not charge a fee for every months rent. It makes sense only for the first month.
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10.06.2021 Lisbon
Brian S. Landlord
Help me set up a better deposit arrangement for when the flat is left damaged. And how to set up cleaning fees on the booking. I have looked on the website but can't figure it out.
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10.06.2021 Prague