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What furniture and equipment does Flatio require properties to provide?

Which equipment/amenities must be available in your property? Use this article to understand what your property needs to provide at all times.

Because Flatio is an online service and the entire process from requesting a reservation to signing a lease is done online rather than in person, we have created specific standards for the furniture, appliances and other equipment that every flat offered with our service must have. This is so that potential tenants know what to expect when they rent a flat via Flatio.

Mandatory equipment

(Options are shown with a /)

  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection
  • Furniture
    • Beds * (single / double bed / sofa bed / sofa)
    • Kitchen table
    • Chair *
    • Storage space (chests of drawers / built-in cabinets / stand-alone cabinets / shelving systems / changing rooms)
  • Kitchen appliances
    • Refrigerator (with / without freezer)
    • Oven (classic / microwave)
    • Cooker (hotplate / glass or ceramic / induction / electric / gas)
    • Kettle (stovetop / electric)
  • Bathroom appliances
    • Hairdryer
  • Appliances for daily use
    • Iron
    • Vacuum cleaner (bar / bag / bagless / robotic / hand / water filtration)
  • Cleaning tools for daily use
    • Bucket
    • Mop (or rag for the floor)
    • Broom and dustpan
  • Dishware for normal daily use
    • Plates *
    • Cups *
    • Glasses *
    • Cutlery *
  • Kitchenware
    • Pots (at least 1 standard)
    • Pans (at least 2 standard)
  • Bedding
    • Duvets *
    • Pillows *
    • Linens *
    • Towels *

If you do not have all of these items already at your property, it is necessary to get what is missing or guarantee that it will be provided by the time the first tenant moves in.

* Please note that all equipment should be based on the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in your flat. So if your home has a maximum capacity of 4 people, there should be at least 4 sets of cutlery, 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 glasses, 4 towels, 4 sets of bedding, etc.

Optional (recommended) items

  • Furniture
    • Armchair/s
    • Desk / tables (coffee table / writing desk / nightstands)
  • Electrical devices
    • TV (CRT / LCD / LED / plasma / PC monitor)
    • Air conditioning (mobile / wall)
    • Gaming console (PlayStation / Wii / Xbox)
  • Kitchen appliances
    • Coffee maker (espresso machine / electric / capsule / drip)
    • Dishwasher
  • Cleaning equipment for daily use
    • Ironing board
  • Bathroom appliances
    • Drying rack / clothes dryer
    • Washing machine
      • It's highly recommended to have a washing machine on your property, tenants really appreciate it during rentals for a few months; if it's not possible to offer it for any reason, please write in the description of your apartment where the tenant can do the laundry (i.e. providing info about the nearest laundry).
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